John E. Padilla

Administrative Manager

John has hosted and produced several radio shows through out his career starting at KXCR and now at KTEP.  He was instrumental in managing our production of an advertising campaign of the Children's Health Insurance Program for Centro de Salud La Fe.   Using his knowledge of audio production, John has been an advisor on our podcasting projects.  With a degree is Electronic Media from the University of Texas at El Paso, he has a position with the University Library Electronic Research Department.  He is an avid jazz fan and in his spare time he enjoys watching (or listening) the New York Islanders games.


Paul Castro

Project Manager

Paul has produced several awareness campaigns for La Red Hispana that help inform and educate the Hispanic community across the country.  He currently serves as an consulting producer for Bienvenidos a América, an immigration radio show. He is the senior producer for NAHN's Nursing Role Models campaign to create awareness of nursing in the Hispanic community.  As a multi-media producer he serves as an advisor on various video and podcasting projects.  He enjoys listening to The Strokes and traveling the beautiful southwest when ever he gets the opportunity.


Julio has worn many hats, including producer, musician, studio manager and copywriter. He has served as creative director on various projects and was instrumental in launching Spanish-language radio and social media projects for AARP Viva .   His love of good sound lead him to found XIMER Sound Design to score media campaigns and assist podcasters with music branding. Originally from Honduras, Julio lives in Alexandria, Virginia with his family. When he is not working, he loves spending time with his family and two dogs.

Julio Gonzalez 

East-Coast Partner


Scott Braman

West-Coast Partner

Scott is a award-winning film director, producer, and editor.  He has created short films, PSAs, and promotional videos for a variety of clients including Legendary Pictures and the United Nations. Scott has also directed and edited a number of feature-length documentary films including "Surfing With The Enemy" and "Taking The Oath: A History of the Oval Office from FDR to Obama". His film Robert Johnson DNA was produced in collaboration with Richie Sambora (guitarist, Bon Jovi) and features blues legend Buddy Guy.  Scott began his filmmaking as Fulbright Scholar in Ecuador and is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Dartmouth College.  When ever he is not working, he is being a dad to his son and daughter, and taking walks on the beach.


Cesar Anthony

Social Media/Production Assistant

Cesar has been assisting us with podcast production and social media in the past year.


Jesse Uribe-scott


Jesse has been a Certified Public Accountant since 1996 and has been instrumental in assisting organizations that have had financial issues to re-structure and organize their finances.  He provides accounting services to small business and non-profits.