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Managing Mental/Emotional Turmoil Through Ying/Yang Energy Work and Creative Writing

Participants will learn the basic meaning of the yin/yang symbol and how it relates to daily living, and how to use yin/yang energy to ground themselves and manage emotions. Participants will learn how writing can improve consciousness and facilitate living in gratitude. Simple chi gung exercises circulate and ground energy, increase awareness of emotional responses, and cultivate conscious behavior management. Discussion and a brief writing exercise further explore the power of words to make the unconscious conscious, capture fleeting insights, and transcend pain through gratitude.

PRESENTERS: Ms. Monica Gomez is a Certified Sifu/Teacher in Family Style Tai-Chi / Maria E Lopez, MA, LPC

DOWNLOAD: Monica Gomez Haiku Handout

DOWNLOAD: Monica Gomez Ying Yang Handout

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Detoxing for Mental Health and Physical Health

Toxins in the air, water, and food, unhealthy eating habits, lack of exercise, and mental/emotional stress are major contributors to mental illness. In this workshop participants will learn principles of toxicity, and practical detoxification practices to improve brain/mind health. Participants will develop a detoxification plan that will include nutrition, supplementation, movement/exercise, and mind-body skills.

PRESENTER: Dr. Carlos González, D.C. is a native El Pasoan. He is a Board-Certified Chiropractor and holds certifications in Nutrition, and Integrative Medicine.

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Pranic Healing for Body and Brain Wellness

Participants will learn the connection between the body’s bioplasmic blueprint (energy body) and the physical body and how health issues occur. They will experience the energetic effects of the environment on the physical, mental, and emotional bodies and how the movement of energy can promote healing, reenergize the brain for mental clarity, and support physical rejuvenation. Pranic Healing® is a no-touch modality that cleanses and energizes the energy body to develop wellness physically, mentally, and emotionally. It introduces Super Brain Yoga, a simple and effective technique that recharges the brain with benefits for anyone seeking brain wellness.

PRESENTERS: Ms. Lynn Provenzano is an Associate Certified Pranic Healing® Practitioner and Licensed Pranic Healing® Instructor/Facilitator.

DOWNLOAD: Powerful Path to Wellness: Pranic Healing (from Truly Alive)

The 5 Dimensions of Mental Health

Participants will learn about the Five Domains of Healthy Living and the benefits of practicing these Five Domains. They will learn how to introduce the concepts of the Domains to clients and adopt them themselves into their lives. This presentation will help individuals become behaviorally activate in 5 key areas of their lives. Each domain will be discussed in depth and tips and methods will be shared to engage and stay motivated. Following the 5 Domains of Healthy Living will lead to better physical and mental health. It will help alleviate depression and anxiety and promote improved physical health. Adopting the 5 domains is a change in lifestyle.

PRESENTER: Richard Salcido, LPC, SLPC is the Executive Director of Family Services of El Paso, a non-profit social services agency. (915) 781-9900

DOWNLOAD: 5 Domains of Healing

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Mindfulness and Its Benefits to Mental Health

Participants will learn what mindfulness is and they will experience five mindfulness techniques: Breathing, progressive relaxation, guided meditation, slow looking, and monkey mind. They will understand how mindfulness plays a central role in our personal well-being and the well-being of our community. Participants will develop a plan for a daily mindfulness practice.

DOWNLOAD: Mindfulness and Its Benefits to Mental Health PPTX Presentation

PRESENTERS: Dr. Kim Diaz is a full-time instructor in Philosophy at El Paso Community College, and Dr. Juan Ferret is a full-time instructor at UTEP Molecular Philosophy.

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Music, Suggestion, and Imagery for PTSD and Mental Health

Participants will learn the concept of synergy in healing, and how by integrating different healing modalities such as relaxation, music, affirmations, and Imagery therapies into a single modality for treating mental illness the efficacy of the modalities increases exponentially and positive results can be obtained much faster. Participants will learn two integrative interventions they can use themselves and/or use with their clients. Research and experiential case studies will be shared by the presenter to substantiate the effectiveness of this integrative approach to improve or prevent mental illness and other diseases of the body.

DOWNLOAD: The Synergistic Healing Effects of Integrated Therapies

PRESENTER: Dr. Jose M. Baltazar holds a doctorate degree in Mind-Body Medicine and is a Certified Practitioner in Mind-Body Skills for Health and Wellness, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Accelerated Learning, and Reality/Choice Therapy.

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