This is a sample of varios projects I have worked on or produced.


AUDIO/VIDEO: Nursing role models

I have been working with the National Association of Hispanic Nurses to increase awareness of the role that registered nurses play in health care.  The goal of the campaign is to increase the number of Hispanic nurses and resources for students interested in pursuing a career in health care. Through videos, audio segments and social media messaging, we aim to create an positive image of nursing.



AUDIO: Cultura de Salud (culture of Health)

I produced a series of 5 public services announcements that introduced the theme Culture of Health to Spanish language radio listeners.  The idea was to discuss health in positive terms and from a different vantage point.  This was done as part of a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation initiative with La Red Hispana to reach out to latinos that don't consume media in English.

Mind-Body Conference Logo Generic.jpg

WEBSITE WORK: Mind-Body Conference

Jose M. Baltazar, Ph.D. is the owner of El Paso OASIS, Center for Accelerated Learning and Holistic Health in El Paso, Texas. Jose’s passion is to help people achieve their dreams and desires while maintaining a healthy mind, body, and spirit. He has developed “The 7-Key System for Self-Empowerment and Life Success”.  I’ve worked to promote his conference.




These are some of the images I have taken with my Canon Powershot and Nikon Camera. The first images are of Arizona and the final ones are from the nursing project.