Wall Cabinets

Wall cabinet with glass doors and 2 adjustable shelves.


Cabinet, wall, 35Lx36Hx13D, 2 door, shadow

TSL3536EM-SSAA (135lbs) $528

Cabinet, wall, 47Lx36Hx13D, 2 door, shadow

TSL4736EM-SSAA  (160lbs) $533

Sitting (Base) Cabinet

We offer epoxy and lab grade phenolic countertops.

Cabinet, base, 24 in. one-drawer, one-door, shadow

TSL2435AB-SSAA (130lbs) $594

Cabinet, base, 24Lx29Hx22D, 3 drawer, shadow

TSL2429AG-SSAA (90lbs) $631

Cabinet, base, 24Lx35Hx22D, 4 drawer, shadow

TSL2435AE-SSAA  (125lbs) $630

Cabinet, base, 24Lx35H, 1 door, shadow

TSL2435AA-SSAA (100LBS) $593

Cabinet, base, 35Lx35Hx22D, 2 drawer / 2 door, shadow

TSL3535DD-SSAA (135lbs) $630

Cabinet, base, 47Lx35Hx22D, 2 door, shadow

TSL4735DA-SSAA (140lbs) $543


Hot / Cold Mixing Faucet w/ Vacuum Breaker, epoxy coated

TSL21406EVB-HC (10lbs) $230

Cold Water Faucet, epoxy coated

TSL21102E-CW (10lbs) $158


Sink, 32x18x13, black polypropylene

TSL3218SINK-B (30 LBS) $267


Sink, 22x18x12, black polypropylene

TSL2218SINK-B (25LBS) $206


Custom Sizes Available

 Custom sizes available at reasonable prices.  Featured cabinet can be constructed at 30 or 32 inches.


Do not hesitate to contact us.  We have done work with Ysleta Independent School District as well as many other reputable companies in the US and Canada.  We work closely with Looped Logic and distribute for them.